Welcome to Just 2 Brown Girls!

Here we are, two southern chics that have found our way to the city! A southern city that is! Just like you we are still working on this thing called life! We want to share our journey with you of what it is to be a brown girl in this world along with a few conversations that we know you and your girlfriends share as well! Our blog will encompass women of all colors. If you have melanin in your skin then we are here to bring you on our journey full of beauty, travel, and fashion. There will be some rights and some wrongs, but rest assured that we are just getting started and hope you’re ready to take the journey with us! 


Hey Girl Hey!!  This is your Brown Girl Stephanie D... I’m Mississippi raised and as southern as you can get. I guess you can say my love for the south is real, because Texas living found its way into my heart and paycheck!  I’m team corporate by day and team business owner by night.  Somehow, I’ve managed to do both to date.  My love for jewelry led me into turning that love into a business and to create Divine Treasure Jewelry Boutique.  I love to talk about God, life, news, relationships, fashion, love, finances, and whatever other topic that comes into mind.  I was the kid that made good grades, but was always in trouble for yep you guessed it “talking”!  I’ve finally come to terms with it being a gift of mine and knowing that there is purpose behind it has gotten me to Just 2 Brown Girls. I’m a whole lot of women in one combined body, lol..  I like to call it multifaceted. Just know you’re going to say this girl is crazy, country, and chic but above all else she’s real.  I’m here to be unapologetically and sometimes the inappropriate me!


Hi, I'm Charian, born and raised, cornbread fed from a small town in Arkansas, the natural state. I love shopping, face and skin products, shoes, and looking at new houses!!. I love God but I cuss like a sailor! ..sorry mom.. I will pray for you in one sentence then throw F bombs in another.. ..but I also like to talk about wealth, health, investing, and how to make a come up! I absolutely love to brunch with my girlfriends and talk about all the things in life that sometimes people take for granted. I want my money to work for me not the other way around! I'm a very genuine person whose as transparent as they come and I go hard in the paint for my family and friends. I have a huge heart and would love to share it with you all!