Why my man didn't care on mother's day...

So my man and I started dating roughly 2 years ago. We started out dating long distance and then he moved to Texas. The first mothers day in 2017, I woke up and I’m all excited can’t wait to see what were doing. This dude, my boyfriend, went to work half the day and came home and we just sat up looking at each other and tv. I DIDN”T EVEN GET A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY...so at the end of the day I was like sooooo..did you forget today was mothers day..he was like naw I called my mama..I was like yo mama aint the only mother in your life..he said mothers day is for your mother that raised you..I said mothers day is for ALL mothers in this world to celebrate being a mother because their kids are a gift….I get upset and go mute, he gets upset…Conversation ends..we move on…May passes right on by and we’re into June so fathers day rolls around and I make a HUGE deal cause I’m not going to treat someone I care about the same way they treated me…at this point in life I was handing out grace like oprah hands out christmas gifts lol… so I pull out all the stops..card (that big hallmark card by the way), dinner, movies, and a gift. He feels so loved and like the best daddy, father, baby daddy in the world…ok so fast forward to last years mothers day 2018 and guess who plans it…you guessed it ..ME!!! yup his azz still didn’t plan anything ..I planned the movies, I planned to pickup something to eat, and on top of that I had to walk in the restaurant and get my food..this butthole didn’t even get out the car and go in and pay for my food… he was like lets go over my brothers..I was like you got me all the way EFF’d up..you still acting like mothers day is only for your mother only..He was just like babe its just another day..I was devastated, hurt, and angry.. I couldn’t understand how this man made feel good 364 days a year and on mothers day I was like air just invisible. After a cool cussing out I said to myself… not him of course ….don’t even remotely look my way on fathers day…I’ll show you better than I can tell ya! The devil was busy y’all! ….so let me tell you how that played out..On fathers day 2018, I woke up..mind you we lived together and as soon as I woke up I picked up the phone called my daddy and said Happy Father’s Day dad…I then proceeded to get up, work out, and then ran errands and went over my moms to hang out….even though it hurt my spirit to do him like that I felt like he needed to experience what it was like to not get any fathers day love from me, not a nan word, gift, kudos, good job , nada..nothing! …After fathers day, he apologized and said he finally realized that it was important to me so it should be important to him whether he understood it or not, whether he had practiced it or not, and that he was willing to try and do better.. ..plus I think he missed all the love I showered him with on fathers day! …suffice to say I was wrong for 2018 but I didn’t have on my WWJD bracelet..haha!!.. everyone should try and communicate through their issues but also realizing that being with someone for the rest of your life requires you to GIVE apart of yourself that you probably have never given or been accustomed to giving.. It takes practice, patience, and putting yourself in their shoes and understanding that its not about you but about what and why they perceive something to be important..and then decide do you love that person enough to compromise or change..Everyone always says..I don’t want to have to change for NOBODY..well guess what when you love someone you change automatically and with ease and intent to make that person happy and feel loved..so we’re 3 days away from mother’s day I’m a little nervous..he better at least take me to the movies lol… I kid..whatever he does I’ll be more than happy with because I know that he is trying to break a 36 year habit of celebrating anyone else other than his mom..and for that I’m still grateful..cause this man that loves, adores, and protects his mama is doing the same for his wife to be, HALLELUJAH!!! YES LORDT! so to to help him out and some of the fellas too..here’s a few last minute mother’s day buys that any hot mom or MILF would love! lol..check out our hot mom day last minute buys that you can order and pick up or find in store..

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